Student Living Spaces

One goal of our strategic plan is to grow enrollment to 300 students, with a balance of 150 boarding students and 150 day students by 2030. Modest growth of our boarding population will enrich the overall student experience as additional students will allow for richer classroom discussion, robust athletic teams, populated clubs and activities, and an active residential life program. Building a new dormitory is a key first step toward meeting this goal.


Our architects, Metcalfe Architecture & Design, LLC, spent significant time on campus and learned that Solebury is a unique and special place. They understand that this building must be “of Solebury” and blend with the unique characteristics of the campus’s scale, traditional elements, and philosophy. The result is a dorm that provides 32 student beds and responds to the needs of current students while also being flexible enough to allow for change over time.


True to our Solebury School values, we also seek to build in an environmentally sensitive way and to be good stewards of our 140-acre campus. Our new residential dormitory will be built to Passive House standards to be as energy-efficient as possible. It will be among the first residence halls in Pennsylvania, and the US, to employ these technologies.